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Tables | Xaver

Elegantly classic. A timeless piece, boasting the highest standards of craftsmanship and a patented solid wood intersecting frame. Based on a clear centre, it is coherent, with even the larger sizes looking so light that they might be floating.

Perfect with both a glass top or a top in wood, it can be used in a variety of ways, from a small coffee table to a large dining table.

Standard sizes:
dining table:
L 220 – 300, B 90 – 130, H 75 cm  /
L 87 – 118, W 35 – 51, H 30 inch
coffee table:
L 90 – 130, B 65 – 90, H 40 cm  /
L 35 – 51, W 26 – 35, H 16 inch
Custom tables on request.

Dining table: all shapes except round
Coffee table: classic, offbeat and round.
Others on request.

Oak Cherry Walnut tops